In our family have lived Bernese Mountain Dogs since 1975, therefore the tricolor well-coated bear have meant the “dog” for me since my childhood. I have known some other breeds since then, but the beautiful temperament, the intelligence and the decorative exterior could any other breed for me not overpass. There had been self-evident since my childhood, if I move once to an own detached house, I will have own “dog”, i.e. BERNESE. We moved with my husband to detached house in the end of 2004, and our first own dogs moved in of course directly as well:Szárhegyaljai Rachel and Venyim Gyöngye Molly.

In summer 2005 joined them Berry , who would taken in after a captivity in chain of three years. He got accustomed to the freedom, the regular feed and the super Bernese- fellows very fast. In that autumn joined them also the youngest member of the team, Csini, i.e. Maglód-Falvi Pretty Girl zu ihnen gesellt.

During the last years would my husband thanks to our dogs such a committed Bernese-friend, as I am, so we regularly make programs with our dogs and friends with Berneses.