10.08.2012: The certificates of X-Rays of our wonderful Fortissima and Fiene-Roxi are here:

Fortissima HD A, ED 0/0, OCD 0/0,

Fiene-Roxi HD A, ED 0/0, OCD 0/0!

But it isn't any wonder, since she were such beautiful flying puppies some months ago... ;-)


01.08.2012: The puppies of Vishnya and Ola are born!



27.07.2012: The puppies of our H-litter are 9 weeks old, so there is the time to say good bye. We wish them good health and many nice and happy years with their loving families!



10.07.2012: We had a beautiful weekend with our 6 weeks old teddy bears! They got their first bath and grooming, and they liked it very much: first the massage with shampoo and the nice wind from blower after that. They are real cutie pies! ;-)
They did the photoshooting very well too, they were happy on the table... some of them were also too happy and they made a hard job for us to be able to take some good photos of them. But we didn't give it up, so we had a lot of fun and there are many phantastic pictures as well! :-)
The time is coming soon, when we have to let them go to their families having a beautiful life. Some of them are waiting for their perfect loving and caring families yet, where they can get all the attention, what a real teddy bear needs!

More informations...



25.05.2012: Our H-puppies are born! We are happy to have 5 handsome males and 2 beautiful females. More informations...



26.02.2012: Our very special puppy, Grizligunda was born! More informations about this little angel are here.



18.01.2012: The puppies of our F-litter celebrate their first birthday today. We wish all of them good health, many beautiful years and many happy moments for their families!

Some actual photos of the F-girls...



31.12.2011: We had a very busy year with many beautiful moments in 2011. Let's see the most outstanding events:

> We spent 10 unforgetable weeks with raising our F-litter. After this period we let them go on their own way with their families a little bit worrying but with a lot of trust. Here are our memories in photos...


> Results of health screenings:

Tulipános Berni Eszes: HD A, ED 0, eyes healthy

Dyourbahler Klab Morro Shabli (Vishnya): HD A, ED 0/0, OCD 0/0


> Many beautiful show results, travels, excursions and other memories with our dogs:

Tulipános Berni Eszes reached the titles Junior Champion of Russia, Champion of Russia and Champion of RKF.

Dyourbahler Klab Morro Shabli (Vishnya) can be proud of her plenty of beautiful results, e.g.

JUNIOR EUROPEAN WINNER (VDH) 2011, judge: S. Muthsam (D)

LG-Schau SSV BW-Nord (D): CAC (VDH), CAC (SSV), Best female, BOB and BISS at the age of 18 months among about 100 BMDs, judge: J. Ramsing (DK)

FCI Eurodogshow 2011: Intermediate class 2nd place, judge: R. Doedijns (NL)

German Clubshow (SSV) 2011: Intermediate class R.CAC, judge: C. Sautebin (CH)

and lot of titles of class winner, CACIB, R.CACIB and BOB at national and international shows...


> The most beautiful moments of the year 2011 in pictures...



19.02.2011: The puppies of Zara and Scooby Doo are one month old. There are new lifepictures in the gallery of the litter!



12.02.2011: There are new photos in the gallery of the puppies! More...



01.02.2011: Our Rachel is 8 years old today! We wish her happy birthday and good health!



31.01.2011: Our D-puppies are 2 years old today! We wish all Donnas and Dons happy birthday and healthy long life!


29.01.2011: We took some new photos about the puppies of Zara and Scooby Doo! More information...



29.01.2011: We got phantastical news about Tulipános Berni Eszes from Russia!

He won his last JCAC needed to the title of Junior Champion of Russia and he was the Best Junior again!

Congratulations to him and his owner!



23.01.2011: The 9,5 months old Tulipános Berni Eszes took part on two shows this weekend.

The results, especially knowing the famous competitors, are just amazing:

2 x JCAC, 2 x Best Junior, Best of Breed, Res. Best of Group!!!



18.01.2011: The puppies of Zara and Scooby Doo are born!

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